5. September 2018

Modified validity for conference visa in Frankfurt

China, Konsulat Frankfurt

Chinese consulate Frankfurt significantly tightened regulations for conference visa (catergory F).

F-visa will only be given in strict accordance with the invitation – i.e an applicant attending a conference between 10.10. and 16.10. will result in a visa for 6 days, denying entry after 16.10.

Presenting an invitation for a fair from 01.10. to 03.10. will result in a visa for 3 days, denying entry after 03.10.

Visa with a duration of stay of 30 days (category F) will not be issued any longer (exept that period of stay is clearly stated in the invitation).

In case already fixed dates in China are rescheduled to a future date and the duration of stay will be inconsistent will result in a new application and a new visa.